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High efficiency for usage of all non acid refrigerants

The BPHE is a combined evaporator/condenser, with a superheating/sub-cooling section. It is delivered with an ejector system, which guarantees the oil return and provides an optimized distribution through the heat exchanger. The superheating /sub-cooling section, increases the superheating and the sub-cooling, and it gives you a stable evaporation process. The result is a more efficient heat exchanger, with a higher evaporation temperature / higher COP. Another advantage is the reduced quantity of refrigerant in the whole system.


Oil, and other particles from the bottom of the heat exchanger, are recirculated back to the ejector, where they are broken down into a finer mist, and recirculated to the evaporator. This is a continuing process, which eliminates the oil return problem especially in low temperature applications. It also creates an optimized distribution in the evaporator, with an increased capacity as a consequence.


If necessary the manufacturer will support in calculation and planning of your refrigeration machine for reaching lasting results. A test center with state-of-the-art technology is available for measuring every data you need like refrigerant quantity or most fitting compressor.