We worked hard on it. Since we decided to start this company to leave old structures behind we faced a lot of challenges. But as a sailor can’t sail without wind we set our sails with only one mission: we are convinced that if there is no one who cares about this world, there will be at least one: CoolnTool. We saw a major opportunity in the new regulations of European Union. We are small, agile and a well educated team. We will take chance of this turning tide. While others complaining, we are working for the benefit of our customers.

Togehter with our partners we have more than 100 years of experience in sustainable refrigeration. Each one is a specialist on its field. This is a reliable network where you can trust in.

To provide this in the best way possible we did a research. We searched the whole continent for the best sustainable, environment-friendly, efficient refrigeration technology and keep going with this. We found partners who are sharing our attitude. We are working together to create an certain impact. If everything will go right we will leave this world with a green fooprint. To ensure the best working supply chain we worked together with a lot of specialists to implement communication channels, an ERP system and a lot more – so called Industry 4.0.  Together we will make environment great again. Challenge us!