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Quality made in Germany

Get your sustainable refrigeration solution with hydrocarbons within 8 to 10 weeks without thinking about any safety risks.

Your current challenges

You are facing the phase down process of currently used refrigerants. This cause two problems: On the one hand keeping the current solution will be most expensive some years from now on due to rising prices of the old-fashioned refrigerants and strict regulations of maintenace. On the other hand you are looking for suitable solutions for replacement and you already figured out that CO2 isnt the best choice for every application.

Our suitable solution

This chiller system provides up to 80kW per Unit with only up to 2.5kg of hydrocarbon refrigerant. Easily interconnected they provide up to 300kW. You don’t need to think about any workaround or inefficient CO2 solution due to the fact R290 is working stable up to 55 degree outside temperature. No need for special refrigeration knowledge: install it easily at your premise due to water-based piping only.

Decisive competitive edge at a glance

  • future-proof: meets the strict climate requirments of 2030 even today
  • resource-efficient: uses hydrocarbon refrigerant with less than 10% of conventional technologies
  • energy-efficient: meets the strict climate requirments of 2030 even today
  • environment-friendly: saves the planet with a GWP of 3
  • safety: indoor placement feasible because of low refrigerant filling
  • easy plug&play: no refrigeration engineer necessary since water-based piping only
  • sustainable: maintenance-free refrigerant circuit – up to 5 years of warranty
  • well-proofed: no further acceptance tests required because of annual TÜV examination